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Our covenant

The objective

As vendors, we are trying to ensure that the purchaser does not use the wood or meadow for anything which would be a nuisance to neighbours - such as vehicle racing, or anything noisy or smelly - and so we agree a covenant with our buyers. The purchaser will also be asked not to subsequently divide the ownership of the wood or meadow into smaller units or erect signboards on the woodland or meadow.

However, we are also keen to support ideas that buyers have for developing low impact woodland crafts and woodworking – the sort of activity which is in harmony with a sustainable woodland environment. Our covenant is not intended to stop owners from engaging in any woodland-friendly activities such as beekeeping, running occasional bushcraft courses, archery and the shooting of air weapons.

The covenant is not intended to stand in the way of "One Planet Developments" in Wales where sustainable development may be appropriate in suitable woodlands. We are also not intending to prevent appropriate "Hutting" projects in Scotland.

Wording of the covenant (or "legal promise") for the transfer

The purchaser hereby covenants with the vendor that the land shall not be used in such a way as to create a nuisance to the neighbouring owners (including the vendor) and specifically the purchasers shall not, and not permit others to:

  1. do any rough or game shooting or pest control at times or in a manner constituting a nuisance or danger to any neighbour;
  2. use the land or access tracks for any sort of racing whether with motor bikes, cars or other vehicles;
  3. use the land for a commercial campsite;
  4. use the land for clay pigeon shooting or target shooting;
  5. conduct any business from the land apart from forestry or agriculture;
  6. use the land in a way which will damage the access tracks.
  7. The purchaser and successors in title shall not erect any signboards visible from the public highway

The purchaser and successors in title shall not sell the land except as a whole specifically not in such a way that it could be registered in separate titles or in separate ownerships.

Oct 2014

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