SOLD: Godwinson Wood £69,000 Freehold

  • Sutton-Upon-Derwent, near York, East Riding of Yorkshire
  • over 4 ½ acres
  • Northern England


Godwinson Wood is a very attractive mixed woodland with good maturity. It is situated in a peaceful spot, on a ridge of high, level ground, close to the River Derwent and is in the south eastern corner of a larger wood.

A track forms the southern and western boundary and coming off this, in the south western corner is a ride-stop entrance beyond which is clear access beneath tall beech trees. Different types of trees have been planted, or have self-seeded, in a series of bands running east-west and these include goat willow and birch at the southern edge, large beeches, western hemlock with Scots pine, oak and birch, as well as other conifers.

The new owner may wish to manage the rhododendron that is growing, mostly beneath the beech trees. It’s a good idea to keep it in check but it does provide great evergreen cover for wildlife and affords the wood some privacy too.

Along the eastern side, where the wood adjoins farm fields, a drain runs along much of the boundary, this holds water except in the driest months and is a good draw for woodland mammals. There are characterful boundary trees, old oaks, coppiced hazel, goat willow and thorns as well as sycamore and the ground here is a sea of bluebells.

In other parts of the wood, native ferns carpet the floor and here and there, wild daffodils herald the Spring from early March.

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.


A mixture of broadleaved trees and conifers; tall beech, oak, Scots pine, western hemlock, larch, sycamore and birch.


The wood is filled with birdsong, especially in the spring, as the wood is teaming with wildlife and the dawn or evening chorus is well worth taking in.

Signs of the residents of the wood are clear, paths from roe deer and other mammals, as well as deer scrapes (beds) in the leaf-litter. Chewed pine cones found on stumps, used as dinner tables by squirrels and if you’re lucky, you may find owl pellets as tawny owls live here, successfully breeding last spring (see photo of the incredibly fluffy and conspicuous owlet!). The owls can often be heard calling, even in the daytime.

Other birds which are usually present include robins, blackbirds, blue tits and wrens, buzzards overhead and in the summer, chiffchaffs with their distinctive call.


Lovely mature woodland with level access and clearings.

A bench situated in a private spot with a pleasant outlook.

Bluebells, ferns and wild daffodils.

Access, tracks and footpaths

Public footpaths run outside the boundaries of the wood. In the farmer’s field, to the east, running north-south, along the track at the southern boundary. The wood track running along the western boundary is also a permissive path.

There are no public rights of way within Godwinson Wood but access is easy on foot for the owner.

Rights and covenants

The sporting rights are included in the sale.

Our standard covenant will apply.


Godwinson Wood is ideal for conservation minded individuals and families who wish to be closer to nature, birdwatching, perhaps fitting a trail camera to see what wildlife passes or erecting bird and bat boxes.

The wood could also yield a good supply of materials for wood crafts or fire wood

Local area and history

The wood takes its name from characters involved in very significant historical events. The Battle of Stamford Bridge took place at the village of Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire, in England on 25 September 1066, between an English army under King Harold Godwinson and an invading Norwegian force led by King Harald Hardrada and the English king's brother Tostig Godwinson. After a bloody battle, both Hardrada and Tostig along with most of the Norwegians were killed. Although Harold Godwinson repelled the Norwegian invaders, his army was defeated by the Normans at Hastings less than three weeks later. The battle has traditionally been presented as symbolising the end of the Viking Age

If it hadn’t been for the Battle of Stamford Bridge, Harold would probably have beaten William at Hastings and we would have had a very different Britain. The English losing at Hastings is generally put down to the fact that the army was already depleted from the SB battle and were then additionally exhausted by the very rapid march south to Hastings.

Wood maps

Wood map


The boundaries of Godwinson Wood are marked with orange paint. These marks are on trees along the eastern, southern and western boundaries. On the northern boundary the marks are on wooden posts.

Find this wood

This wood is now sold, please do not visit the wood without the permission of the owner.


  • OS Landranger: OS No. 36
  • Grid ref: SE 711 482
  • Nearest post code: YO41 4BY
  • GPS coordinates: 53.9253, -0.918246

Location map


Just 12 miles from York, 33 miles from Hull and 35 miles from Leeds.

For Directions From Bing Maps click here, enter your own postcode, (entrance coordinates are already entered) and click on the blue "Get Directions" box. This will take you to the entrance.

  • Locate the A1076 York to Hull road and at Wilberfoss take the Sutton on Derwent turn to the south
  • Continue south past Newton upon Derwent
  • Approximately half a kilometer or a third of a mile after passing Newton Upon Derwent and when Grange Farm Kennels and cattery are reached turn right on to the farm track which gives access to the Wood.
  • Enter the padlock combination code and proceed for 1 kilometre or two thirds of a mile to the woodland entrance. The woodland can be seen from the main road at the combination padlock gate.

Note: Please contact Liz Watson on 07985 548481 before visiting, for the combination code to the gate, as there is no space to park by the main road.

  • Park between the two entrance gates, please try to leave space for other vehicles to pass.
  • Proceed on foot for approximately 50 metres following the permissive footpath to the north (rightwards)
  • Godwinson Wood is situated just round the first corner, to the right.

How we support our buyers

Membership of the small woodland owners’ group

£300 for a woodland course of your choice

Free copies of two woodland books

One year's free membership of the royal forestry society

Please note this wood is owned by woodlands.co.uk.

Our regional managers are often out working in our woodlands, so if you email an offer and want to be sure it has been received, please phone our manager on their mobile phone. The first offer at the stated price which is accepted, whether by phone or email, has priority.

Please take care when viewing as the great outdoors can contain unexpected hazards and woodlands are no exception. You should exercise common sense and caution, such as wearing appropriate footwear and avoiding visiting during high winds.

These particulars are for guidance only and, though believed to be correct, do not form part of any contract. Woodland Investment Management Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

A mature mixed woodland in a tranquil rural location, to the south east of York. A haven for woodland wildlife with bluebells and wild daffodils.

Managed by Liz Watson

Telephone: 07985 548481

Email: liz@woodlands.co.uk