Woodlands Bushcraft Cooking – How To Use A Kelly Kettle For Woodland Tea

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http://woodlands.co.uk Woodlands bushcraft cooking - How to use a Kelly Kettle to make woodland tea. Do you want to know how a Kelly Kettle works? This helpful tutorial from Jonathan Snape will show you!
Now available in HD called "The Kelly Kettle"
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@kingbleah There's a stainless steel version

Margaret Leber

August 20, 2010

I always pour a little water down the chimney once the water is boiling to extinguish, or at least subdue, the fire before lifting the kettle off the base. This avoids flames shooting up one's arm, the grass catching fire, or other such dramas 🙂

Mark Ribbands

September 1, 2010

I don't think you have to use that much fuel….. good video


September 12, 2010

what type of water is the best :)) ?


September 21, 2010

Hey, you should not lift the Kelly's Kettle off the flaming base that way, the handle designed to lift up in right angle from the side, it is possible to lift safely with two hands and not that heavy to lift properly.. please retake the scene again..
I would love to see you look at the camera, don't be shy, you are better looking than Ray Mears XX XX xx Xx


December 1, 2010

Any kind of clear water, from tap, lake, pond, stream can be used. Do not use water from the sea.


December 1, 2010

One advantage of Kelly's Kettle is you can use twigs, sticks or dried dung for lighting the fire to boil water.. Be warn, last camping trip, a friend did not check if there are trees on the island in the lough, I had to share the sticks I took with me until we found few drifted woods. Fortunately someone brought an axe in his kayak.


December 1, 2010

Muttley is right… lifting the kettle that way is dangerous as you're placing your hand directly over the mental-hot chimney. Check out the kelly kettle website for instructions on how to lift it safely and please re-do that section. Rest is good though… more vids please! 🙂

Neil H

February 3, 2011

@n1saie Dont forget it also doubles as a water carrier, and a stove with the optional pan stand that fits in the top of the chimney

The smaller scout version takes up the same space as a stove, gas canister pot and kettle, and can boil water and cook at the same time, Weighs about the same if you store some fuel in the chimney too.


April 26, 2011

In practice .they seem to boil up much quicker than this video..with only a few twigs or combustible debris ..More for carrying in a car than a rucksack ,'though .


December 3, 2011

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