Fuel From Your Woodland – seasoning fire wood

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Wood makes a great fuel for heating your house as it's sustainable. Professor Julian Evans shows us his log pile and talks about the species of wood which burn well.

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Thanks – glad you enjoy the videos. Will pass your comment on to Julian


May 27, 2010

Professor Evans is very cool, a big thumbs up to him!

Redhead Cobweb

June 29, 2010

lets see you fill up and light your stove

charlie brown

May 28, 2011

@killie04 Thanks for watching and glad it helped. Keep watching Woodlands TV


November 7, 2011

Nice video but man-made global warming is a complete hoax.

Harley Dozer

March 11, 2012

nice vid , my middle finger to the rip off energy companys


October 22, 2012

Cedar is one of the lightest woods……and it produces the most heat per pound, good for starting a fire and good for a fast fire. The hard woods don't produce as much heat as the softwoods……….but they burn have a longer burn time……..so your not filling your stove as often. I would take a chainsaw and cut his pile where is rather then man handling the wood lots.


April 30, 2013

After a few months in the sun you can start burning……longer is sits the dryer it gets…….should have a cover on top of the wood to keep the rain. And for splitting the smaller your wood the faster it burns, so nice to have lots of wood that isn't split, as long as it fits into your stove.


April 30, 2013

I have started burning different types of pine here in N. New England and am having great success. Obviously it does not burn as long or as hot as hardwood but for free it is great and I have not seen any evidence of extra creosote after checking my chimney frequently. Just make sure it is dry just like hardwood.

jack nimble

December 14, 2014

It's a mini-saw horse!

Watch Ryder

December 27, 2015

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