Building a Bodgers Den in the Woodlands

By woodlandstv

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Traditional Craftsman Ben Chester builds a Bodger's Den and explains about the art of building with what's available in your woodland.

For more info on the work that Ben does, please visit www.benchester.co.uk

This bodger's den is located in Three Hagges Wood Meadow www.threehaggeswoodmeadow.org.uk

With thanks to the Forestry Commission, Bettys and Escrick Park Estate for the funding of the Bodgers’ Den.

A CAN Film
for Woodlands TV

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A delightful video, many thanks for sharing ~Peace~

Zed Outdoors

February 15, 2016

interesting thanks….


February 15, 2016

Very interesting video! Many thanks for sharing it with us!

Green Man Gardening & Crafts

February 15, 2016



February 16, 2016

The change in music is soooo welcomed. Awesome video!

Austin Lowe

February 16, 2016

The bodger came to mean "doing half a job" because the bodger did exactly that. The bodger didn't make the constituent parts AND put it together into the end product. If I remember correctly, the bodger only makes the parts from the billets and slabs.

Jeremy Hunter

April 6, 2016

Nice video!

K Wallace

April 28, 2016

Sounds like RuneScape music! lol

Robert Rochte

July 29, 2016

Thanks for posting great video!
The corruption of the word Bodge/Bodger comes from the word Botch/Botcher which means to patch over. So for example, instead of repairing the hole in the door properly they would just patch over it doing a Botched job. A bodger is a Highly skilled wood worker mainly working with freshly cut green wood. I know a few people with the Sir Name Bodger.
It is a shame so many people use the word incorrectly. Not sure how or where this began.
It is also a real shame how many skills and old traditions have been lost in the UK over the years. So its great that you are keeping some of the traditions alive.

I´m quite surprised that its all just bolted together instead of doing basic joinery, which would fit the bodger theme way better.

Ae Norist

August 1, 2017


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