Chainsaw Guide Bar Maintenance

By woodlandstv

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Due to the popularity of our previous Chainsaw Maintenance video, WoodlandsTV has filmed another. Looking after your guide bar is presented by Paul Collins, Head of Department (Forestry and Arboriculture) at Plumpton College.


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Very good instruction.


July 20, 2012

I like stihl…..

colin lin

October 12, 2012

What about spread rails?

eugene charles

March 10, 2013

Very helpful for my assessment soon, thanks.


January 25, 2014

Of course you NEVER file towards the sprocket end of a chainsaw bar!!! Hope that was just an oversight?  

Doc Linehan

February 10, 2014

They need a chain saw bar that lets the chain run inside the bar or either one that has a chain that will run over the side lips of the bar and there would be no problem running a chain i guess that way and it would wear the bar evenly.

John Doe

March 12, 2015

What is the tool you used clean out the bar groove?

Mark Pinther

September 19, 2016

Good but should had sprayed some WD40 in the groove when cleaning out…

Simon Michael

May 17, 2017

Your a good demonstrater

fearghal morrissey

March 21, 2018

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