Valuing Trees – what is a tree worth?

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http://woodlands.co.uk Julian discusses valuing trees and what is a tree worth. The factors which affect the value of trees.

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£1? I'm surprised. Thought just from fire wood sale alone it would be at least £50

Hugh Mungas

April 6, 2013

£20-£30 per ton of douglas fir ???
more like 200-300

Dave Greenman

October 20, 2013

this guy is out to lunch

Mike O'Keefe

December 8, 2015

Mike O'Keefe,


July 24, 2017

these estimates seem low. Here in Oregon, Filbert trees or Hazelnuts, are valued, evidently, at about $13 per tree . . . I think. The largest producer of these valuable nuts in the USA, Oregon, boasts about 3 million plus of these trees, and a local university claims these equate to about $49.5 million in value. Unclear if that means yearly product nets or each whole tree. It seems unlikely each tree only produces about two pounds each year with nuts in shell ranging from $6 to $16 (organic) per pound. A Douglas fir here seems to fetch, for clear vertical grain board for flooring about $9 to $15 a sq. foot. Maybe figuring in labor and shipping equates to your ests. Just seems low. Maybe $450/MBF equates to tons. idk

Pockets MacCartney

December 27, 2017

Were did you get your pricing there way under valued

Budo 's Workshop

August 28, 2018

He's too modest to say but Julian is a well respected lecturer and author of books on forestry. He also owns his own woodland. The prices quoted are to the woodland owner once the costs to fell and extract the timber to a roadside landing are accounted for. As a forestry contractor one of the biggest hurdles I have to face is totally unrealistic expectations of timber values by woodland owners.

Nick Keighley

April 28, 2019

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