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http://woodlands.co.uk Forest management / wood management. A video clip about managing woodlands. Woodland owner Mike Pepler describes how wood can be a sustainable source of fuel without damaging the wildlife or decreasing biodiversity. He talks about felling in the Winter and splitting, stacking and storing wood, and how much hardwood and softwood you can sustainably grow.

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Encore merci paum paum

michel Dumont

March 17, 2020

Très interessant merci.

Laurine Duquenoy

March 20, 2020

Le bruit de flute résonne encore dans mon cerveau à l'aide

Laurine Duquenoy

March 20, 2020

Je penserais à vous si je deviens bucheronne un jour

Laurine Duquenoy

March 20, 2020


Managing Your Woodland for Wildlife

A new book on encouraging biodiversity in your woodland. Available free here »