Bushcraft string from pine tree roots

By woodlandstv

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http://www.woodlands.co.uk/ Bushcraft string from pine tree roots. Sean Collins continues his look at the numerous uses for the pine tree. In this episode he shows how to collect pine string

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@p4h10oso Fascinating stuff isn't it. Thanks for watching Woodlands TV


November 7, 2011

bear gryllys or ray mears reccons than Spruce roots are better and that pine roots thends to be brittle. What do you think ?


December 21, 2011

great tip – thanks a lot


February 19, 2012

As you can see he could wrap it around his palm so it is flexible enough when green in my opinion. That means you can tie whatever you need to tie and leave root to dry. Any root when completely dry becomes as brittle as a small branch. Anyway you've got to experiment to find the best.


November 12, 2012

Here in the Southeast of the states and while we do not have a lot of types of trees that are found up north, we are blessed with an abundance of Pine trees. This is a very old trick to get cordage know by most people down this way. You are spot on.


July 19, 2017


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