Forge and Fire

By woodlandstv

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Master Blacksmith, Mark Constable, shows us how to make a portable forge out of a metal bucket, a metal pipe and a foot pump. Mark has found this an ideal way to produce a working charcoal fire without the need for electricity. He expertly fashions a fire steel on his forge to create sparks with a flint. Mark`s son Harry shows us how char cloth, made from natural fibre, can be ignited by a single spark and then used to light a tinder bundle to start a bigger fire.

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Enjoyed greatly. Made your own forge system never saw a portable one great job. Thanks.

Opal Preston Shirley

October 1, 2013

Like your resourcefulness. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.


October 1, 2013

Our very favourite blacksmith in full flow at his forge (alfrescoforge.co.uk/mc/home.html) Many thanks to WoodlandsTV for filming this at the Yorkshire Arboretum – really interesting footage!

Yorkshire Arboretum

October 30, 2013

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