Making and Sailing Coracles

By woodlandstv

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Dave Purvis, with the help of Ian Welford, describes how to make, carry and sail a coracle here at the `Wild About Wood` fair at Yorkshire Arboretum. Dave describes a coracle as, "Just a basket to hold water out..." and believes practicality not aesthetics to be the key. He loves the feeling of being close to nature and speaks knowledgeably about the history behind the craft and its geographical spread, from Scandinavia to Vietnam to Wales.
www.coraclesociety.org.uk; www.worldofcoracles.co.uk

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What a top fella. Love his attitude and knowledge. Excellent video. I learnt a lot. Thanks

Hawsrule Begin

May 29, 2018

there is no such thing as 10,000 bc

Christiaan Baron

September 12, 2018

Aye, BCE it is 🙂

Christofer Säterdal

September 28, 2018

Many many years ago I read treasure island and the built a c oracle . Lasted 12 years . The most contrary craft I've ever been in on the water !


January 24, 2019

A type of material.
Like canvas but more like bedsheets.
5 years too late but hey


March 18, 2019


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