How to make lime bark cordage

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Dave Watson talks through the process of making cordage using lime bark at the 2019 Bushcraft show. He delves briefly into the history of this technique and all the things you can do with this strong material!

A film for woodlands.co.uk by Emily George and Rose Dunster

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thanks for this video, nice work! could you please give us the list of material that can be used to make cordage, those i see a little at 5:25 ?


August 31, 2019

What a fantastic skill. Please post the Latin name for Lime Tree as I think it might be what the Germans call Linden and what we call here in Bulgaria, Lippa. Is it the same tree that gives a lovely scent when flowering and the same that you can make tea from the berries/fruits etc.? Thank you.

Robert's Bulgaria

September 3, 2019

matthew ennor

January 21, 2020

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