Different Knives for Different Bushcraft Jobs

By woodlandstv

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In the final episode of the survival series, Justin Sterry joins us again to talk about different knives and their uses.

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Great info, thanks


September 26, 2009

So many different knives.I was stranded in a Louisiana swamp for 3 full days,all I had was a 3 blade stockman pocket knife and basic emergency kit.Whittled me a bush breaking stick and eventualy walked out .Did'nt need anything fancy.


September 27, 2009

I have the shorter version of that golock. Served me well.Got a khukri now : ]

In terms of usefulness Id go with the khukri as opposed to a hatchet.Saves weight and cuts almost just as well and you can do more things with it.

Loki Steelheart

April 21, 2010

lol a machete for bramble clearing, it wouldn't work, machetes and parangs are for jungles only! Brambles will resist too hard.

for Bristish woodland: all you need is a 4inch bushcraft knife and a small hatchet.


April 30, 2010

as with any tool the skill is in the user and the right tool for the job to cut brambles you need to cut at the root and keep rolling the lose over the top if you cut down and into the bramble thay give way.put some sting on the handel and a loop for your wrist so you dont lose youe knife


May 3, 2010

gees one knife is all u need i have a gerber knife


September 5, 2010

The folding knife is Opinel not Opal.


May 22, 2012


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